Since 2013, we have created a movement to connect the world. One. Person. At. A. Time.


Our Mission

Project P.O.H. strives to improve the quality of life and ensure a secure and safe living condition for all. The organization is committed to helping those in need and strengthening communities today, tomorrow, and in the future.  We believe It is not just mans right to pursue happiness, but mans kind and all that roam this planet earth.

Have you ever given a child a gift and seen the look in their eyes?

We are dedicated to creating a better future for our children and later generations. This Organization was created to bring the best out the human spirit, There is to much violence and negativity going on in the world right now, and for once we need to change that momentum. Join Project Pursuit of Happiness to create a sustainable future for all.

About the Founder

Article taken from Planet Aids news:

Planet Aid would like to recognize one of our donors, Chatura De Silva of Resde, California. He is the founder of Project Pursuit of Happiness, an organization that strives to improve the quality of life and ensure a secure and safe living condition for all. De Silva recently donated clothing collected through Project P.O.H. to Planet Aid. We are grateful for the partnership and support of a dedicated individual like Mr. De Silva, whose work is helping so many in need.

Chatura De Silva exemplifies how to turn tragedy into triumph. After a drunk driver killed his mother in 2010, he became inspired to help others as a way to honor her. 

 “We’re Buddhist, and in the Buddhism religion we have a thing where to help a spirit go to nirvana you do a lot of good deeds, and when you do these good deeds you keep that person in mind,” De Silva says. “And so the week after my mom passed away we went to feed the homeless, we had our doors open-- we helped anyone that we can. And so with that idea I was like, ‘you know what, why does that have to stop here?’”

A year later he volunteered with the Sri Lankan Youth Organization, an organization founded by his sister that helps young immigrants from Sri Lanka stay in touch with their roots and get involved in their communities. The group traveled to Sri Lanka (where De Silva spent the first three months of his life before moving to the U.S.) to build a library. De Silva recalls how grateful the local children were to receive a gift as humble as a pencil case full of school supplies. “I see these kids looking at this pencil case like it’s the greatest thing they’ve ever gotten. So that brought me to tears,” he says.

Wanting to do more, De Silva founded Project Pursuit of Happiness, or Project P.O.H., in 2013. De Silva saved up money to travel throughout developing countries, entrenching himself in impoverished areas to develop a better understanding of how he could help those living there. He was able to make connections with local community leaders and, upon returning to the United States, began collecting and shipping donated clothing to these communities. So far, Project P.O.H. has established beneficiary partnerships within Sri Lanka, Brazil, the Bahamas, Haiti, and Tanzania.

De Silva was inspired to reach out to Planet Aid after seeing the signature yellow donation bins and doing research on clothes collecting charities in the area. “I went on the website and I looked what you guys did, just as far as being able to send stuff to Africa and you guys creating workshops...I’m like a mom and pop shop and you guys are a like a bigger version of what I do,” he says.

De Silva decided to allocate around 650 pounds of clothing he had collected through Project P.O.H. to Planet Aid.

In the future De Silva hopes to expand Project P.O.H. to include traveling leadership conferences that provide professional clothing and workshops for disadvantaged communities. He recalls a conversation with a man while traveling in Haiti that sparked the idea, “He told me ‘People are bringing us food, that’s not a issue. These kids don’t have a future.’ So instead of giving them a fish, show them how to fish so you can feed them for a lifetime.”

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EXCLUSIVE "Project POH" in Los Angeles: "We want to make life more beautiful of all"

The association was established under the myth of Thomas Jefferson with an obsession to improve the world, despite Trump

Stefano Blando

ROME - More and more in a time of great economic difficulty and others, like the one we are experiencing now, the movements dedicated to charity are essential to give hope to those who have none. In proportion to the level of difficulty in fact, they were born in the past few years more and more spontaneous and independent groups who want to help others. And 'the case of "POH Project", a group of Los Angeles activists who have achieved exclusively to interview and let us tell their story.

YOUNG BUT DETERMINED - We have reached the founder, Chatura De Silva, who tells us how did its beneficial move: "The organization was born in 2013 while I was still at college, after returning from a mission in Sri Lanka where I had He helped build a library for the most needy. Since then, once back in the US has grown in me this desire wanton to do something concrete here, but as we want to push the funds will increase even beyond the US borders. "

THOMAS JEFFERSON AND GABRIELE MUCCINO - Doing our research we found that the "POH" acronym of the association's name comes from "Persuite of Happines" (in Italian "The Pursuit of Happiness"), the famous film starring Gabriele Muccino Will Smith. However Chatura De Silva reveals that the name does not come from that but from a quotation from a real totem pole for culture and the American spirit: "Although the film was a great motivation for us, the acronym is derived from the declaration of independence American Thomas Jefferson, who said: "Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." I think we all have a right to it! "

CHARITY WITH TRUMP THE PRESIDENT - A few months ago the United States have changed their president. Much has changed between the previous administration and the current license plate Trump Obama but to the boys of "Project POH" does not seem very interested: "If something has changed or not does not concern us. Our aim is to improve people's lives and we try to do it in any political condition. Of course, the feeling that you had with Obama was to greater unity, now the country is fragmented and divided, but this can only be a stimulus for us to do charity. "

DO CHARITY TODAY - It's definitely not a good time for those who want to do charity, especially for those organizations that self-financed: "It certainly is not easy, especially at the beginning where I had to do it all at my expense, but lately I have found many friends there and help finance our projects. "

OPERATION GIVE A HAND II - In concrete, "Project POH" has on the table many projects, one of those that will be implemented soon is called "Operation Giving a Hand II" in fact come to the second edition: "It 'an event where we go colleges around Los Angeles and ask you to donate used clothes as gifts to those who need it most. The first edition was very successful, we also hope that in the second there will be short. "


LOOK TOWARDS EUROPE AND ITALY - Although the organization is very young, is also very ambitious and turns his gaze to Europe and even Italy: "We would like very much, although in recent times very difficult to trust someone on the subject of charity. We are young but we always do our best to make life better for people in need and if one day we can even do it in Europe and Italy will be a pleasure. "




Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness
— Thomas Jefferson, Founding Father of America

How do we do it?

  • We collect clothes from local donators in the U.S.A.
  • After collecting the clothes, we organize them based on suitable demographics according to country.
  • Once we have raised enough money, we pack and ship the boxes to countries where establishments have been created
  • What We've Achieved

  • Established connections with 4 different countries: Sri-lanka, Brazil, Bahamas, Haiti.
  • Creating awareness amongst college campuses.
  • Helped change the lives of many
  • managed to collect various clothes looking for a good home