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Chatura De silva

Founder/C.E.O. est 2013

Our Founder/CEO was born in Sri-Lanka and came to America when he was 3 months. His family left all they had to pursue the American dream. Life was not easy growing up but through commitment and perseverance they found a way. Chatura graduated from California State University Northridge with a Bachelors in Psychology emphasizing in behavioral Analysis. He looks forward to helping other people succeed and becoming better in their daily lives. He is a proud brother of fraternity Beta Gamma Nu and has held various Executive board positions to validate is experience. He currently works in the UCLA ER as an administrator as well as working in the UCLA Health IT department. He grew up with buddhist values where giving back and being kind is the path to attain nirvana. He has worked with many non-profit organizations but more closely with S.L.Y.O., This is where we he was inspired to start Project P.O.H. He enjoys surfing the web, consulting, listening and reading self-improvement books and hanging out with friends and family. feel free to message him here directly with any questions. check him out here: Click me

This is where it all began, Thank you Aruni Ganewatte and S.L.Y.O :)