Thank you for being a part of Operation Lend A Hand

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~~~Officiall Count~~ Friday for official count


2ND - SIGMA ALPHA ZETA -588 item


‪#‎OperationLAH collection update as of 05/03/2016 5:00pm

Sigma Omega Nu - 187 items of clothing

Lambda Sigma Gamma- 740 items of clothing

Lambda Theta Alpha- 40 items of clothing

Sigma Alpha Zeta- 588 items of clothing

Phi Lambda Rho (CSUN) - 283 items of clothing

Beta Gamma Nu - 77 items of clothing

Phi Lambda Rho (UCLA) – 0 items of clothing


Operation L.A.H. was created in an effort to create awareness for those less fortunate. This competition was started to establish a bridge between college organizations and those in need.  
For each organization participating all you are required to do is simply Lend A Hand.

Your objective is to collect as many clothing items as you can to help your orgs team win the competition.

Each item of clothing is 1 point
ex. 1 shirt = 1 point
Pair of clean socks =1 point
Pair of shoes = 1point

The deadline to turn in clothes for points towards your Organizations team is April 30th, 2016 @ 11:59 PM  

The overall goal is to reach over 2,500 lbs of clothing collected by each org. 
This can only be done with your help (: lets work together.
Everyone has clothes at home that they dont use anymore, clothes that are just laying around. Donate to Project P.O.H. and help us keep someone warm at night.