Items For Hygiene



~Maxi pads



~Chewing gum




~1 gal zip lock bag



~Water Bottle

~Granola bar

~Metro bus map

~Bus tokens

~Emergency blankets

~Tylenol or Advil



~Nail clippers

~Put yourself in their shoes!!!!

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FIRST OFF! Special shout out to all the orgs participated in Operation:11/11 Lights On! @csunlsg @csunsaz @csunnies @tauomegarho @csunbetagammanu @csunrhosas. Together we have hit record numbers with over a combined 500+ Hygiene packages!
With the official results counted:
CSUN Organizations Participating (Update 11/9/2018 12:01am)
1st place - LAMBDA SIGMA GAMMA - 1830 Points
2nd place - SIGMA ALPHA ZETA - 1702 Points
3rd place - SIGMA OMEGA NU - 1260 Points
4th place - TAU OMEGA RHO - 1156 Points
5th place - BETA GAMMA NU - 973 Points
6th place - PHI LAMBDA RHO - 920 Points

Congratulations to the Ladies of Lambda Sigma Gamma @csunlsg taking the lead with 175 10 point packages and additional hygienic items! 

You can still volunteer on the day of 11/11/2018
12pm - 3pm - Setup 
3pm - 4:30pm - Serving food and giving packets to the homeless 
4:30pm - 6pm - Clean up

@themidnightmission @smoothblaq  


The event is called 11/11 Lights On and will take place on 11/11 at the midnight mission from 12pm - 6pm. Our goal is to help 300 plus homeless people that day. We have created a fundraiser at CSUN, the goal is to have each organization participating to collect as many items that are hygiene based products. The point system will go as follows: 

1 point for each used clothing: a pair of socks, shirts, beanies, scarfs, gloves

1 point for shavers, soap, hand sanitizer, toothpaste, toothbrush, tampons, pads etc.

- 10 points for Volunteers for the event

5 points for a brand new pair of socks, brand new scarfs, brand new beanies, brand new shirts, brand new gloves

10 points - Hygiene pack with at least 3 of the one point items and 1 message = 4 items 

- 15 points - Hygiene pack with at least 2 one points items, 1 brand new socks or beanie plus 1 message = 4 items

1 point - Message or prayer placed with packs or items 

*Keep in mind you are not limited to the items listed, there is a need for a lot of female hygiene products*

Last year we had the Sigma Alpha Zeta take the event! They won a trophy with their org name engraved which they were able to keep and promote and a various event like meet the clubs. 

There will 6 orgs looking to participate in this event. 

The Fundraising will take place from Oct 22nd, 2018 - November 9th, 2018. 

The final date to turn in items will be November 9th @ 11:59pm. 

The organization with the most points will be crowned the winner! 

We have been fortunate to be able to collaborate with record label Smooth Blaq productions 

There will be security at the event 

Homeless and those in need will be given the opportunity to take a shower, they will be given clothes/hygiene products, then we will have our own personal chef make them an amazing meal. 

Certificates to organizations participating

Trophy to winner of competition!

Volunteer hours for the event will be as follows:

Location: The Midnight Mission 601 S. San Pedro


12pm - 3pm - Setup 

3pm - 4:30pm - Serving food to the homeless 

4:40pm - 6pm - Clean up

All Volunteers need to do it show up and The Midnight Mission will provide a tour and instructions on how to serve the homeless

all volunteers need to fill out this link at least 48 hours prior to the event.

If your able to gather some volunteers that would be much appreciated and your work will be acknowledged in the celebration ceremony!

If you have any questions feel free to ask, I would love to come to your meeting to provide more information if needed. 

Operation LAH - Award.jpeg

2016 Winners Operation:Lend a Hand - SIGMA ALPHA ZETA